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The Berg & Bush 2022 - Tour and Two Day Events

(for optimal viewing, please use a desktop/laptop computer)

All of the images in the gallery are available in high resolution (300dpi) for print purposes.

The following packages are available for purchase in high res:

Oxpecker Prices.png

Purchasing process:

  1. Choose your images from the low res gallery. Open the photo to see the image number eg "Tour - 0009"

  2. Make payment (see payment details below). Please use YOUR NAME AND SURNAME as REFERENCE. 

  3. Email me the list of image numbers as numbered in the gallery, along with your name and the proof of payment to 

  4. I will send you the high resolution images electronically via wetransfer.

  5. You will have 7 days in which to download the images via the wetransfer link received in email. 

South African Residents:

Bank details:


Account Name : Stewart Nolan

Account no: 62087735761

Branch : Liberty Midlands Mall

International Buyers:

Please use PayPal with the following email address :

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